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How I like to end every night. Reflecting on my day and thinking about all the lives i have impacted. It’s hard being me.
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My blog just turned 1!

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I want your handwriting.
Have you ever considered how strange it is that handwriting fonts have come to convey a kind of folksy authenticity in the design lexicon of our age? It’s disingenuous. Handwriting fonts - especially the ones you see everywhere (Comic Sans, Papyrus, Lucida Handwriting) - are mechanically reproduced and manipulated into a kind of cloying, fake, plastic perfection.
Penmanship is mostly a lost art - it is (rightfully) taught less and less in school, and the opportunities for people to see your handwriting are few and far between. As a result, modern handwriting looks really cool. What’s authentic and charming and inviting about real handwriting are the little imperfections that prove it came from a real person.
SO - I have decided to become a collector of handwriting.
Here’s how it works:
You reblog this or email/Facebook me
I’ll arrange for you to pick up a template
You’ll fill it out
I will create a TrueType font from your handwriting and send it to you
As I collect handwriting, I will periodically post things rendered in the handwriting of the donor - things they have taught me, important aspects of our relationship, jokes they have told me… we’ll see.
Please donate today.

I really miss writing things. 




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